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The Rectory is a log cabin originally built in 1922-24 by Shrine Mont’s founder, the Rev. Dr. Edmund Lee Woodward. Dr. Woodward expanded the cottage in 1928 and it served as the permanent residence for Dr. Woodward, his wife, Frances, and their two sons, John and David, from 1928 until the death of Mrs. Woodward in 1945 and Dr. Woodward in 1948. The Rectory still serves as the temporary home for clergy serving as chaplains to Shrine Mont during the summer and is available for rent at other times when Shrine Mont is open.

The Rectory underwent extensive renovation in 2003 and now sleeps four people in its two bedrooms. There are two bathrooms, a large sitting room and kitchenette and a living room with a fireplace. There is also a large screen porch. The Rectory is located next to the Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration.

Download a floor plan of the Rectory.

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