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Retreat Tool Box

Are you looking for some ideas as you plan your retreat at Shrine Mont?
Here are some ideas and sample materials to help you in your marketing & communications, suggested schedules and other things to get you started.

Planning Calendar

The timeline is critical to give yourself ample time to plan your retreat and give your congregation ample notice so members can put the retreat on their calendars well before other conflicting events are scheduled.

Sample Marketing Materials

Tell your group about the retreat with materials and on your parish webpage and social  media.  Here is a sample brochure that was easy to make.

Sample Schedules

What you do during your time at Shrine Mont needs to planned out to some degree.  Every group is different and here are a few suggestions for a weekend schedule.


People who are new to Shrine Mont need to be told what they should bring and what Shrine Mont provides to give them the best experience possible. Don’t take it for granted that they know.

Packing Suggestions

  • Comfortable, casual clothes and shoes, sweaters & jackets
    – early mornings and evenings can be cool

  • Several changes of clothes for youngsters

  • Pack for the weather, and for your comfort. You will need a good pair of walking shoes, and perhaps something warm to wear in the evenings, and on the hay  ride. Be prepared for rain or even snow depending on when you are coming.

  • Bring a tote bag of some sort. There will be a few things you’ll want to carry back and forth with you. In that bag, pack the following: a reliable flashlight, (you may never need it but you just might), your favorite writing pen(s), doodling supplies.

  • Water bottles or a mug for coffee or tea

  • Rain gear, umbrellas, and boots for wading in the pond for salamanders

  • Flashlights

  • Bath towels – soap & small towels are provided

  • Extra pillows – one provided per bed as are the sheets & blankets

  • Sports equipment – balls, bats, tennis rackets, frisbees, fishing gear, etc.

  • Cards & favorite board games

  • Quarters for the soda machines

  • Drinks & snacks to share in the evenings

  • Guitars, singing voices, and other musical instruments

Important Things to Know

  • Please Note the Parking Rules: If you are housed in Maryland House or the Hotel Cottages Arlington, Fairfax or Norfolk, you may unload in front of those houses but must move your car to the parking area located adjacent to the Lower Pavilion behind Virginia House.

  • Parents Kindly Note: Scooters, skate boards, or roller blades are NOT permitted on Shrine Mont property.

  • No Pets Allowed: $125 Fine Daily

  • No Smoking in any Shrine Mont Building

  • Quiet Hour is 10:00 p.m.

  • Shrine Mont Telephone Number:
    540-856-2141 –You can leave this number to be contacted at Shrine Mont as cell service varies on the property

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